Trouble Ordering on our Website?

As you know Visa and Mastercard in the US imposed restrictions to the online sale of nitrites and we were forced to move our card processor outside the US.
Unfortunately this might cause some problems with your company card to approve the transaction.

We have also increased the level of security on our website and that is why it is now required to use a mobile phone number to obtain a verification code to access our payment page and enter your credit card details.

Let us try to help you!

Please following these instructions and try again:

  1. Go to the checkout page and enter your personal info and address. On the Payment Method section enter your mobile phone number (add +1 before the number) to receive a verification code.
  2. Make sure all fields are correctly filled and click the Place Order button
  3. After clicking the button you will:
    • Be redirected to our Payment Page (if this doesn't happen and you are still on the checkout page recheck to see if you are missing some required information or validation)
    • Receive a text with a 5 digit verification codeon your mobile phone (do not reply to this message)
  4. On the Payment Page enter your credit card details and the 5 digit verification code you received on your mobile phone
  5. Click the Complete Payment button and You Are Done!
  6. Payment declined? Do not leave the Payment Page, re-enter your credit card details, the 5 digit verification code carefully and call your bank to approve the transaction. Then click the Complete Payment again.
  7. Still not through? Did you call your bank to approve the transaction? You did? Ok, then send us an email and we will help to troubleshoot what is causing the payment denial.

NOTE: All orders that had no payment approved will be automatically canceled by our system.


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